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When thinking about research and laboratory safety, it’s important to look at all of your options. Not only is The College of Engineering dedicated to creating a safe environment, but the University of Illinois campus also provides many resources to promote safe and environmentally sound work practices.

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The Division of Research Safety (DRS) provides service and programs to assist the campus community in maintaining a safe work environment.

For questions or concerns, contact them at (217) 333-2755  or


The mission of Safety and Compliance is to promote safe and environmentally sound work practices that advance the University’s mission and interests by advising and consulting with faculty, staff, and students.

For questions or concerns, contact them at 217-333-0340 or Safety and Compliance.


Campus Code Compliance & Fire Safety manages the University’s fire and life safety programs. They provide plan review services for campus construction projects to ensure accessibility compliance and safety guidelines are met.

For questions or concerns, contact Craig Grant at 217-244-7215 or

division of animal resources

The Division of Animal Resources (DAR), in partnership with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, researchers, students, and regulatory agencies, is responsible for ensuring high quality animal care and for providing training in and consultation on the safe, humane use of laboratory animals in research and education in compliance with federal regulations and campus policies.

For questions or concerns, contact Sara Meyers at (217) 333-2564 or


Safety Why Matters

Stories throughout this site are shared for the primary purpose of showing things go wrong in research facilities. It’s important to stay knowledgeable on safety requirements and precautions. If you ever have any questions, please contact us.

“On April 12th, 2011, Michele Dufault’s life came to a heart-wrenchingly tragic end. The 22-year-old Yale physics student was up late at night working alone in the chemistry department’s machine shop, using an industrial lathe. Sadly, nobody was around to help Dufault when her hair became tangled in the rapidly spinning tool, which wrapped around her neck in an instant. She died of strangulation, just weeks away from graduation.  A subsequent review found that the lathe lacked necessary safety features, such as an emergency stop button. Dufault was a model student, finding time to mentor young girls in science despite her busy schedule. Yale established the Michele Dufault Endowment for Yale Women in Science, a $14 million fund to offer scholarships, fellowships, and research opportunities to women pursuing STEM fields at the university.” – Taken directly from Real Clear Science

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